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Hot Race Beach Cup 2016 - Riccione, Italy


Wonderful hot weather, friends, race, drinks and sun...these are the components we needed to start the Hot Race Beach Cup in the amazing Road Race Riccione RC Circuit Marco Simoncelli track in Italy.

About one hundred drivers from 7 different nationalities came here to have fun together, because that is exactly the spirit of this event. The Hot Race company manages to give a summer breath in a place of competition.

The drivers had the chance to practice the whole day of Friday, beating high temperatures with iced cocktails and refreshing music in the comfortable lounge area organized at the track.

After a successful day of training on the RC cars, the drivers had the chance to race behind another wheel, the one of a go-kart in the famous Misano Circuit. Divided into 2 groups, over and under 80 kg, the drivers had an hour full of adrenaline. The qualification was 5 minutes long followed by 12 laps final.

At the end the winners have been Alex Zanchettin for the over 80 and Davide Rabitti for the under 80.

Saturday was the qualification day and a party has been organized in the evening at Villa delle Rose, a wonderful location outside the city centre, where the entries enjoyed a good dinner and had fun at the disco.

On Sunday after the last qualification the finals started. The TQ in the Modified class has been taken by Alexander Hagberg and in the other categories by Jan Ratheisky, who raced in all the 5 categories (Formula, CINQUONE 299, PAN CAR 1/10, Stock and Modified).

The drivers raced at their best in each category to reach the podium, and at the end of the day the results are:


  1. Jan Ratheisky

  2. Luca Canini

  3. Bryan Ferrara

  4. Davide Rabitti

  5. Gianni Zonzini

  6. Enea Zani

  7. Simone Pavanello

  8. Stefan Schulz

  9. Scott Falk

  10. Andrea Selva


  1. Jan Ratheisky

  2. Max Mächler

  3. Simone Pavanello

  4. Bryan Ferrara

  5. Luca Gavazzoni

  6. Sandro Gavazzoni

  7. Massimo Butera

  8. Fabio Parisi

  9. Alessandro Rossi

PAN CAR 1/10

  1. Jan Ratheisky

  2. Alessandro Manciocchi

  3. Andrea Selva

  4. Mirco Biondi

  5. Kai Asmer


  1. Jan Ratheisky

  2. Max Mächler

  3. Nico Catelani

  4. Alessio Tolomelli

  5. Davide Rabitti

  6. Denni Giacomelli

  7. Sergio Pignataro

  8. Davide Gianuzzi

  9. Søren Boy Holst

  10. Luca Giovannoni


  1. Hagberg Alexander

  2. Alessio Menicucci

  3. JJ Wang

  4. Daniel Baldissarri

  5. Jan Ratheisky

  6. Leo Arnold

  7. Alessio Mancini

  8. Marco Baruffolo

  9. Manuel Busoli

  10. Marcel Geiger

  11. Massimo Michieli

This event showed at 100% how it is when a passion and a bit of competition creates a big friendship among all and that there is nothing better than that.

A big thank to all the drivers and to the track that made this event to be possible and to the sponsors MPE Stickers, EZ Power, Hudy, Awesomatix and Scorpion.

We hope to see you all again next year!

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