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Hot Race 2016 Winter Shootout


This weekend is taking place the Hot Race 2016 Winter Shootout in the track RCLandia in Scandiano, Italy. The race is based on two days of race, with free practices, two qualifications, and the “Shootout race” on Saturday, and two qualifications and the finals for all the categories on Sunday.

A lottery offered by the sponsors will also take place on Saturday afternoon, and for this possibility we all want to thank Montech, EZ Power, Bitty Design, Hudy, Xray and RcSupermarket.

This event has allowed four categories: Modified, Stock, Formula 1 and 1/12.

But the aim of the “Hot Race” event it’s not just to be here to battle; this race wants instead to give the drivers the opportunity of racing having fun, having a weekend spent in good company but still in an official race.

90 drivers from 7 different countries decided to let this event be possible coming in this amazing track to race and have fun together.

We hope everybody will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and will have fun racing.

“I am so happy of being part of this race, because it’s the only race that includes a great competitively, thanks to the top foreign drivers, and a lots of fun. It’s one of my firsts races in the modified category and I will try to do my best”

_Mattia Collina

Alexander Hagberg holds overnight TQ at Hot Race 2016 Winter Shootout

After two rounds of qualifying, Alexander Hagberg took TQ in both 1/12 and Modified class.

Great performance in modified class for Marco Kaufmann, Dionys Stadler and the italian guys Mattia Collina, Fabrizio Manicardi and the off-road driver Marco Baruffolo.

In Stock class the TQ was made by the Yokomo driver Simone Alleotti.

In Formula class the easy and well made TQ was made by Simone Brocca.

“The first two qualifications are ended. I am very happy because my Xray car and LRP electronics are working wonderfully. I will give my best to try to stay in the first 4 positions”

-Mattia Collina

We announced this year the new “Shootout race 2.0”!

We tried to put under pressure the 10 main finalist for each category.

In every group, the first finalist had to battle against the 10th, the second against the 9th and so on.

3 laps with no warm-up in REVERSE DIRECTION.

After the first round, with only 5 drivers remaining, the fast one went directly to the final “race” leaving the other 4 guys challenging each others like in the first round.

Two drivers, Three laps, Reverse direction.

The two winners of the second round for each category gained the access to the main final with the faster driver of the first round for a last race that gives the verdict about the winner.

Winners: 1/12 Alex Hagberg – F1 Simone Brocca – 1/10 Stock Andrea Ghilotti – 1/10 Modified Riccardo Rabitti

Each winner for each class won a bonus gift of 50€ that they could spend in RcSupermarket

“I am very glad of being at this event. Nicola Marrone organized an amazing event, with a lot of fun in and out of the track, and I suggest everybody to come to his events. Now, after three qualifications I am in 10th position, I feel both my Yokomo car and LRP electronics very well and they are letting me grow in the modified class. Let’s try to do the best and enter in the A-Main”

-Nico Catelani

GIZMO Team joined us in Scandiano

It was a pleasure to have the GIZMO team with us during this weekend and we hope to see them again this summer. The new car, that will be in the shops in May, is absolutely different from what there is on the tracks now, but it has aroused great interest among people.

Marco Kaufmann wins first A-Main

“I am super happy of being here to have fun racing all together in this wonderful track, and I can’t wait to be back here in two weeks for the Xray Race. I am satisfied for the final I won, and I hope to do my best in the next ones”

– Marco Kaufmann

“I am glad of being here at the Hot Race. It is my first race in the Modified Touring Class and I am satisfied of what I am doing: I was 8th in the qualifications and so now I reached the A-Main. In the first final I was 7th, but during the second last lap I had a technical problem and I finished 9th. I am going to do the best I can in the next two. Being so different from the Off Road it is difficult to keep pace for five minutes, because you need to keep the same trajectories for the entire race”

- Marco Baruffolo

Alexander Hagberg wins second Modified A-Main

“I am happy for how went this final, I just tried to control the race and I didn’t want to take risks. I hope the third final will be good as well”

- Alexander Hagberg

Alexander Hagberg dominates the Hot Race Winter Shootout

Alexander Hagberg takes the highest step on the podium in both categories 1/12 and Modified in the second edition of the HotRace Winter shootout.

In the second position of the modified class we find Marco Kaufmann, who tried for the hole race to win battling against Hagberg, but unfortunately for him there was no mistake for Alexander, who won the second and the third finals. Third position overall was made by Patrick Folman, who takes the newborn GIZMO car on the podium.

Awesome job also made by the italians Mattia Collina and Nico Catelani, that entered in the A-Main in a category almost completely new for them, since they are used to the Stock class.

About the 1/12 class Alexander Hagberg was the master, followed by Dionys Stadler in the second position, and Khounmy Bui, veteran of the category, in the third. A professional foreign podium in this Italian track.

In the Stock class the victory was easily taken by Edoardo Repetti, who won all the finals, in second position the young Xray driver Andrea Ghilotti did his best and gained this amazing result, in the last step of the podium there is Gabriele Berselli, who was a good rival in the race.

The italian driver Simone Brocca dominated the F1 class, followed by a perfect Guido Ristori, who proudly presents in this event his new creature, the Mach4, and in third position we find Davide Rabitti.

It was an amazing event, we are proudly glad to see people having fun together, racing in good company for a weekend in this grey winter period. We look now forward for the HotRace Beach cup the 30th and 31st July in Riccione and hope to see you all again soon.

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