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ETS 16/17 Rd1 Hrotovice, Czech Republic



Scotty gives an emotional speech about the top driver Marc Rheinard. Marc raced the A3 Main with a different bodyshell to celebrate the 22 years of loyal partnership with the famous RC brand Tamiya, that started in 1994 when the driver was just 8 years old. To mark the final event he was driving with TRF the bodyshell has been painted this time with different colours. During the incredibly and nonpareil long period with Tamiya Marc managed to win several titles, including three World Championships in 2004 (USA), 2008 (Thailand) and 2010 (Germany).


With a typical winter weather outside in Hrotovice, we are happy to be indoors to start a new Euro Touring Series Season.

This morning around 300 drivers started with the free practices with a warm and cozy atmosphere compared to the outside. Everybody is getting ready to start this new season in the best way possible.

With the free practices being over, Scotty and Uwe took the occasion of the drivers meeting to thank everybody for the loyal years of ETS.

It's a celebration! Ten years ago Uwe and Scotty talked about bringing fun in the world creating a big event that connects many different countries with a passion that is the RC. And ten years later here we are.. a family.

Drivers from twenty-nine different countries are being counted. All of this would not be possible without the constant and devoted support of the sponsors like Yokomo who help letting these events be possible and make sure that all runs smoothly. Ten seasons are behind and have taken it to this point, a lot has been learned over the years and a lot of many years have still to come.

“It should all be about fun

and about making friends”

– Scotty


The practices are now complete and the results are in. The leader of this practice for the Modified class is the Swedish XRAY driver Alexander Hagberg with his best time of 0.44 465 seconds. Followed very closely by Akio Sobue with a time of 0:44:603. Portuguese Bruno Coelho places third (0:44:742); Viktor Wilck from the Serpent, fourth place with 0:44:780. Marc Rheinard is on eight position with 0:45:081.


Heading the first qualifying of the Modified there is Bruno Coelho (5:11:200), followed by Ronald Völker with a time of 5:13:406 making a total of 21 rounds just like his predecessor. Viljami Kutvonen positioned third with a best time of 14.729. and a final time of 5:13.662. Marc Rheinard completed the qualy in 5:02.793 getting on place 6.

For the first qualifications for the Stock Class Olivier Bultynch made first place with 20 laps and a final time of 5:14:082 followed by french Alexandre Duchet with a final time of 5:14:858. Lars Hoppe raced in 5:00:963 putting him on place 6.

About the Formel class David Ehrbar did 17 laps in 5:01.237 with the best time of 17.280. The second best was by Andreas Stiebler, at three seconds from the first, followed by Olivier Bultynck, 17 laps in 5:07.103, with a best lap of 17.557.

It is a new day, a fresh start.

Bruno Coelho, the Portuguese XRay driver leads the second qualifying in the Modified class in 5:10.042 followed by Ronald Völker, 2 seconds distant. (5:12.231) Swedish Alexander Hagberg ranks 6th in this qualy with 21 laps and a final time of 5:14.865. Troubles for Meen Vejrak, who crashed after 14 laps after the straight and had to stop.

Christian Donath is widely in first position in the Stock class with a time of 5:13.926. On second position the French driver Alexandre Duchet (5:15.264). Lars Hoppe makes it to the third position with a race of 5:00.024. Mike Gosvig, Denmark, positions himself 7th with a time of 5:05.552.

The results for the Formel class of the Q2 are in! Olivier Bultynch drove 17 laps with a final time of 5:01.103, with his best time being 17.424. Following him, David Ehrbar, just a few mili seconds with a time of 5:01.275. Jan Ratheisky arrived third with a final time of 5:01.574. Position 8 goes to René Kölbel, Austrian driver for XRay.

For the 3rd qualifying of the Modified category we find Bruno Coelho as leader again with a final time of 5:09.096 and 21 laps, followed by German driver Ronald Völker (5:0.414), and on 3rd place Marc Rheinard.Swedish driver Viktor Wilck placed 4th (5:01.859).

For this 3rd qualification of the Stock class Olivier Bulltynck positions himself again on pole position (5:10.680). Second position is reached by Swiss driver Noah Asendorf (5:13.419). Third position goes to Tom Kragefski.

David Ehrbar positions himself first with a final time 5:12.993 in the Formel category. Oliver Bultynch arrived on second position (5:14.705). Jan Ratheisky on third position with a final time of 5:17.879. Tim Benson, Germany, places himself in position 9 with a final time of 5:12.022.

Bruno Coelho places himself first in the 4th qualification of the Modified with 21 laps and a final time of 5:06.465. Following him, the Finnish driver Vilijami Kutvonen, with a final time of 5:07.743 right before Ronald Völker, 5:07.745. Marc Rheinard positions himself on rank 8 .

Chrisian Donath positions himself first with a time 5:07.353 with the best lap of 14.907 in the Stock category. This time Olivier Bultynck arrived second right in front of Noah Asendorf.

David Ehrbar finishes first in this forth qualification in the Formel Class, being the only one having managed to do 18 laps. His final time is 5:09.203 and his best lap was 16.688. Following, Andreas Stiebler, Austrian, making 17 laps in a final time of 500.779. The third position goes to René Kölbel with XRay. Tim Benson positioned 5th ( 5:03.996), while the Austrian driver Herbert Weber reached place 9 with 5:09.603 and a best time of 17.620.


Bruno has leaded the race all along, winning in the first Modified A-Main in this new ETS Season, with a best lap of 14.243. The race was intense with Marc Rheinard and Alexander Hagberg close to each other for the whole race trying to reach the best final position possible. At the end, Marc took the third place, followed by the Finnish driver Viljami and at fifth place to Alexander. Second Position goes to Ronald Völker, two seconds apart from the Xray driver Coelho.

Alexandre Duchet, a new ETS entry, took position 1 in the first Stock A-Main, while Christian Donath lost control of its car and his initial position and ended 2nd . The third place is held by swiss driver Noah Asendorf. The Italian Xray driver Mattia Collina placed 9th in the final, just under Bultynck.

Ehrbar is the winner of the first Formel A-Main Olivier Bultynck crashed his car in the 2nd lap , bringing the perfect opportunity for Ehrbar to catch up and win the race. Tim Benson, aswell as Olivier, had to stop (after the 9th lap) because of an unfortunate mistake. Jan Ratheisky placed second and René Kölbel third.


Portuguese Xray driver Bruno Coelho has a perfect start in the second Modified A-Main. Coehlo keeps his pole position during the whole race. The World Champion Ronald Völker, driving with Yokomo places himself 3rd, after being overpassed by Viljami Kutvonen.

In the second Stock A-Main final this Saturday morning in Czech Republic, Alexandre Duchet starting at position 3, had an intensive first race, winning the main with a final time of 5:06.629 and 20 laps.. A race with a few crashes but all turned well for Noah Asendorf placing second (5:12.123) and Jan Ratheisky placing third.

David Ehrbar finishes first in the second Formel A-Main, winning with a best lap time of 17.038 and a final time of 5:13.354. His defender Olivier Bultnyck placed second (5:16.476) and Jan Ratheisky placed third in this category too. German runner Tim Benson places himself at the fourth place, taking advantages of a few crashes. Very good improvement after haven started on position 7.


In this last race of Modified on this sunny Sunday, in the Czech Republic. Rheinard placed 3rd (5:11.159). Viljami and Völker battled during the entire 5 minutes. However Kutvonen was 2 seconds faster making him win the race. Frederik Südhoff places 4th with 21 laps and a final time of 5:11.734.

Stressful and almost chaotic beginning for the third Stock A-Main, with many crashes just a few seconds in. The winner of the manche is Olivier Bultynch. His final time is 5:12.445. Second place goes to Hoppe (5:150496) and third place goes to Christian Donath, with 19 laps and a final time of 5:00.177. The Swiss driver Noah Asendorf, who started at position 4 ends the race with a final time of 5:02.371 and the 6th position. Mattia Collina has given his best during the whole week end, positioning him in the A3 on 5th place after having started on position 9. His best time was 5:00.979 with a total of 19 laps.

For the Formel, Olivier Bulltnyck took the first position this time, with 18 laps. Second place goes to René Kölbel needing 5:00:390 for 17 lapses. Third place goes to Andreas Stiebler. Italian driver Matteo Berlincioni arrives 7th, starting on 10th place and having a final time of 5:14.645.



1. Bruno Coelho – PORTUGAL

2. Viljjami Kutvonen - FINLAND

3. Ronald Völker - GERMANY

4. Marc Rheinard – GERMANY

5. Alexander Hagberg – SWEDEN

6. Frederik Südhoff - GERMANY

7. Akio Sobue – JAPAN

8. Yugo Nagashima -JAPAN

9. Naoki Akiyama – JAPAN

10. Elliot Harper – GREAT BRITAIN


1. Alexandre Duchet - FRANCE

2. Christian Donath - GERMANY

3. Noah Asendorf - SWITZERLAND

4. Jan Ratheisky - GERMANY

5. Olivier Bulltynck - BELGIUM

6. Lars Hoppe - GERMANY

7. Mattia Collina - ITALY

8. Markus Kreder - GERMANY

9. Tobias Seidl - GERMANY

10. Alexandre Kunkler - FRANCE


1. David Ehrbar - GERMANY

2. Olivier Bulltynck - BELGIUM

3. René Kölbel - AUSTRIA

4. Jan Ratheisky - GERMANY

5. Andreas Stiebler - AUSTRIA

6. Lukas Hoch – CZECH REPUBLIC

7. Thomas Kuttner – GERMANY

8. Tim Benson - GERMANY

9. Nicolas Delisé - BELGIUM

10. Matteo Berlincioni - ITALY

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