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ETS 15/16 Rd4 Riccione, Italy


Here we are, ETS round 4 in the amazing Road Race Riccione RC Circuit Marco Simoncelli track in Italy. Unfortunately weather conditions are not as wished, but this did not demoralized the 290 drivers that came here to enjoy time together racing and having fun.

Bruno Coelho takes Q2, followed by Viljami Kutvonen, who was the TQ at the first round of qualifying, and Marc Rheinard in third place.

In the Pro Stock class, Max Mächler was the fastest in the second qualifying, while Jan Ratheisky is in the second position and Mattia Collina in the third at the end of today. The Q1 was taken by Lars Hoppe, who for now is sixth.

In Formel class, Olivier Bultynck is after the 2 qualifications at the first position, followed by David Ehrbar and Matteo Berlincioni. Jan Ratheisky won the second qualifying, but since he had to stop in the first one, he is right now in position 24.

Forecasts for tomorrow are not the best, rain could come at any moment, but let’s hope in a bit of sun.

Body Contest

The winner of the weekend for the body contest has been Ivan Buganè, while Riccardo Del Vecchio took the second step of the podium and Marco Monti the third.

The Q3 was won by Jan Ratheisky in Formel class, Mattia Collina in the Stock class and Marc Rheinard in the Modified.

Due to weather conditions all the A finals have been done on Saturday. Sunday has been a lucky day, because sun has come and it has been possible to race to declare the winners of the other finals.

The top qualifiers that started in first position for the finals have been:

  • Bruno Coelho for the modified;

  • Max Mächler for the Stock;

  • Jan Ratheisky for the F1.

In the Formel class finals Jan Ratheisky won the A and David Ehrbar the second, letting be the third race to declare the winner, who has been Ratheisky.

About Stock class the Italian Xray driver Mattia Collina did a great job winning both first and second finals, taking the first step of the podium in this ETS in Italy.

Bruno Coelho did his best and took the winner title of ETS round 4 for the Modified class overcoming the other drivers in the first two finals.

ETS round 4, Italy FINAL RESULTS


  1. Bruno Coelho

  2. Viljami Kutvonen

  3. Marc Rheinard

  4. Alexander Hagberg

  5. Ronald Völker

  6. Viktor Wilck

  7. Kyle Branson

  8. Loic Jasmin

  9. Marco Kaufmann

  10. Frederik Südhoff


  1. Mattia Collina

  2. Max Mächler

  3. Nicolai Lindegaard

  4. Jan Ratheisky

  5. Helge Johannessen

  6. Nikolai Håheim

  7. Lars Hoppe

  8. Marek Cerny

  9. Christian Donath

  10. Jan Rettke


  1. Jan Ratheisky

  2. David Ehrbar

  3. Martin Hofer

  4. Olivier Bultynck

  5. Jacques Libar

  6. Luca Canini

  7. René Kölbel

  8. Herbert Weber

  9. Matteo Berlincioni

  10. Andrea Selva

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