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XRAY Racing Series, Italy


The 2017 is starting with a wonderful event organised by Xray: the Xray Racing Series. It is taking place this weekend, 21st-22nd January, at Indoor Racing Chilelli Track, in Castelnuovo Scrivia, Italy. Despite from the XRace, the XRS is not a race just made for the XRay brand drivers, instead it is open to every team wants to join the event.

About 120 drivers came here to have fun together in 5 different classes:

  • Touring Modified

  • Touring Stock 13.5 HW Team Driver

  • Touring Stock 13.5 HW

  • Formula 1 21.5 HW

  • PanCar 1/10

The Stock 13.5 class is divided in 2: the drivers who join a team and the ones who don’t.

The actual race is going to take place on the day of Sunday, with three qualifications and three finals, but on Saturday there are going to be free practices and controlled practices to allow the entries to try different setups and have a day more of fun all together.

This location is amazing, with an indoor asphalt track, instead of a carpet one, and amazing facilities, including a big oven to allow the entries to taste a delicious Italian pizza, even on the track.

The organisation decided to let the drivers use different typologies of tires, without just sorting a company. They decided to choose the tires that work the best on this track for the different categories: LRP for the Stock classes, Hot Race for the Modified and Ride for the Formel class. The PanCar category is instead free for the choice. For everybody the additive is the Hudy #106260.

On Saturday evening the Lottery will take place.


Touring Modified

  1. Bruno Coelho

  2. Martin Hudy

  3. Alessio Menicucci

  4. Alessandro Brunelli

  5. Daniele Ielasi

  6. Federico Milanese

  7. Andrea Simari

  8. Francesco Tironi

  9. Alessio Mazzeo

  10. Nicola Marrone

Touring Stock 13.5 HW Team Driver

  1. Federico Barbieri

  2. Davide Gianuzzi

  3. Nico Catelani

  4. Gabriele Berselli

  5. Davide Bertuzzi

  6. Andrea Valerio

  7. Mattia Collina

  8. Gilles Marletta

  9. Sergio Pignataro

  10. Davide Rabitti

Touring Stock 13.5 HW

  1. Christian D’Alessandro

  2. Gabriele Calvino

  3. Jonathan Gandin

  4. Nicola Di Palma

  5. Christian Raffo

  6. Alessandro Arisi

  7. Gianluca Radaelli

  8. Tony Simari

  9. Giovanni Abaterusso

  10. Andrea Clerici

Formula 1 21.5 HW

  1. Fabrizio Villa

  2. Simone Brocca

  3. Guido Barbera

  4. Valerio Solcà

  5. Luigi Gargano

  6. Davide Carbone

  7. Franco Taverna

  8. Alessandro Marinucci

  9. Luca Laneri

  10. Francesco Distefano

PanCar 1/10

  1. Giampiero Ferri

  2. Davide Campanini

  3. Nicolò Grisenti

  4. Alessandro Rampini

  5. Michele Piluzza

  6. Italo Serra

  7. Davide Bertolino

  8. Luca Isola


On Saturday evening another kind of race took place. The top 10 of each class challenged each others on a fun race, every time different for each category. A group had to race on reverse direction, another on normal direction, but doing two turns on themselves before, the Modified class had some barriers and obstacles on the track.

Wins who remains alive!


Bruno Coelho, the Portuguese XRay driver leads the first qualifying in the Modified class with 27 laps, followed by the Italian Alessio Menicucci and Martin Hudy, both with 26 laps.

The second qualifying of this class sees Coelho maintaining the timing and position, followed by Martin Hudy and the Italian driver Daniele Ielasi. The Xray of Menicucci is this time on position 8th, with 11 laps due to a couple of problems that forced the driver to stop at the second minute of race.

The third qualifying sees Alessio Menicucci again fit on top, finishing this race on second position and 26 laps. Martin Hudy heads this qualification with 26 laps in 5:03.066 and a best lap of 11.321. Coelho is in third position this time, with a best lap of 11.274.

In the qualifications of the Stock Pro class the Italians Mattia Collina and Nico Catelani are always on top this time. The first and second qualifications see the Xray driver Collina on first position, with 25 laps in both races and a best lap of 11.900 in the second qualifying. At the third position in the first and second qualifying there is the Italian driver Davide Bertuzzi. In the third qualifying Nico Catelani finds the perfect setup and completes the race with 25 laps in 5:04.073 and a best lap of 11.954. Second position goes to Collina and third to Davide Gianuzzi. Davide Bertuzzi cannot complete the race and ends racing for 4 minutes and 21 laps.

Calvino Gabriele heads the first qualification of the Stock category, with 24 laps in 5:02.563, followed by Di Palma Nicola and Gandin Jonathan in third place. The second qualifying sees Di Palma on top, overcoming Calvino who finishes second. Third this time Radaelli Gianluca, followed by Gandin Jonathan. Radaelli Gianluca is on top in the third qualifying with 24 laps in 5:01.916; second Di Palma with 24 laps in 5:04.094 and third Abaterusso Giovanni.

About the Formel class Brocca Simone heads all the qualification, with a best time of 13.203. The first qualifying sees Solcà Valerio on position 2, followed by Gargano Luigi. Barbera Guido takes position number 2 in the second qualifying and Villa Fabrizio the third, exchanging final places in the third qualification.

Campanini Davide heads first and second qualifying of the Pancar class, followed by Rampini Alessandro and Grisenti Nicolò in the first qualification and by Grisenti and then Rampini in the second. In the third qualifying Tonini Andrea is on top, followed by Rampini Alessandro and Piluzza Michele.



The Portuguese Xray driver Coelho wins the first A main of the Modified with 27 laps in 5:10.576 and a best lap of 11.241, followed by Martin Hudy and the Italian Champion Alessio Mazzeo.

The second final goes to the top driver Bruno Coelho, who wins the XRS with perfect laps. On second position again a perfect Martin Hudy, with 26 laps in 5:00.310. Third place goes to the Italian Alessio Menicucci, and Mazzeo ends this main in 5th position with 26 laps in 5:07.876. Fourth position for the Xray driver Alessandro Brunelli.

Hudy Martin heads the third A Main, followed by Alessio Menicucci. The organization decided to let the winning driver Coelho start last, to see his abilities and which position he could manage starting from the 10th place. The driver has been able to do wonders, incredibly finishing 3rd and being able to outmatch several drivers in a few laps.

Nico Catelani heads fearfully and wonderfully the Stock Pro class, in his first official race with back as Official driver in the XRay team, winning the mains.

In the first A main second is Mattia Collina with 25 laps and third Pignataro Sergio. Bertuzzi Davide is second in the second main and Gianuzzi Davide third. Collina cannot finish the race and does one lap this main.

The third main sees Mattia Collina on top, followed by Marletta Gilles and Gianuzzi Davide.

The Stock class is owned by Di Palma Nicola, who wins first and second main, followed both times by Gandin Jonathan. On third position in the first A main there is Abaterusso Giovanni, and in the second main Radaelli Gianluca. The third final sees Radaelli on first position, followed by Gandin Jonathan and Di Palma Nicola.

The Formel class is a moment of amazing racing fight between Villa Fabrizio and Brocca Simone. At the end Villa wins the first and second main, followed by Simone. Brocca wins the third A main, and Villa takes position number 2. Third in all the finals there is the driver Barbera Guido.

Tonini Andrea wins the Pancar category of the XRS 2017, heading the first two mains, followed by Campanini Davide. The first A main has Piluzza Michele on position 3, while Rampini Alessandro takes the third position in A main 3. The third final of this category is won by Grisenti Nicolò, second Rampini Alessandro and Campanini Davide on position number 3.



Touring Modified

1. Bruno Coelho

2. Martin Hudy

3. Alessio Menicucci

4. Alessio Mazzeo

5. Alessandro Brunelli

6. Alessio Mancini

7. Federico Milanese

8. Daniele Ielasi

9. Francesco Tironi

10. Nicola Marrone

Touring Stock 13.5 HW Team Driver

1. Nico Catelani

2. Mattia Collina

3. Davide Bertuzzi

4. Gilles Marletta

5. Davide Gianuzzi

6. Sergio Pignataro

7. Andrea Valerio

8. Ruggero Zanusso

9. Federico Barbieri

10. Umberto Pernice

Touring Stock 13.5 HW

1. Nicola Di Palma

2. Gianluca Radaelli

3. Jonathan Gandin

4. Gabriele Calvino

5. Giovanni Abaterusso

6. Maurizio Bonato

7. Tony Simari

8. Michele Guarino

9. Raffaele Onesti

10. Alessandro Arisi

Formel 1 21.5 HW

1. Fabrizio Villa

2. Simone Brocca

3. Guido Barbera

4. Valerio Solcà

5. Luigi Gargano

6. Davide Carbone

7. Maurizio Materassi

8. Franco Taverna

9. Roberto Laprova

10. Alessandro Marinucci

PanCar 1/10

1. Andrea Tonini

2. Davide Campanini

3. Nicolò Grisenti

4. Alessandro Rampini

5. Michele Piluzza

6. Giampiero Ferri

7. Ivan Milesi

8. Davide Bertolino

9. Luca Isola

10. Italo Serra

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