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XRace 2016 – Scandiano, Italy


Everything is set for the XRace '16 in the track of rclandia in Scandiano. About 100 drivers of the XRay team came in this Italian indoor track to battle in 5 different categories: modified, stock, f1, 1/12 and pancar.

The race gives a big opportunity to both XRay company and the drivers, because the factory can meet a big amount of customers and help them with set up and general suggestions.

"I am so happy to be back for XRace in Italy.

This race is the most enjoyable for me because we want to have a lot of fun racing together, helping each other and having great moments all together.

It's wonderful to have about 100 drivers only with XRay cars.

We need our customers and the fact that the team can help them with setup and informations is extremely important for us.

We want to thank everybody for being here having fun racing."

- Martin Hudy

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