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#1CRIS RC Trophy


The first event of CRIS RC Trophy is taking place in the Mini Racing Ayrton Senna track in Melzo near Milan.

This track hosted the ENS Round 1 in 2014 and in the last two years the staff worked incredibly hard to improve the track facilities and let the asphalt conditions stay perfect. A brand new bar restaurant has been opened and inside the racing atmosphere is still visible, in fact RC bodies are hanged on the walls and there is a Mini-Z circuit with battery chargers.

Weather conditions were at first in the morning not beautiful as wished, but even if the sun was a bit shy during the day around 40 European drivers, came to race together.

The classes allowed were three: 1:10 and 1:8 Onroad, and 1:8 Classic.

Since the drivers of the 1:8 Classic category were not a lot they drove with the 1:8 Onroad class, and then TQ and overall podium results have been classified separated. To have more fun and give a chance more to the drivers a bump-up method has been used.


The qualifying rounds went on good and the TQ in the 1:8 Onroad class was taken by the ARC driver Toni Gruber. About the 1:10 class, the faster has been Maurizio De Simone, driving with Capricorn. Guerra Gianluca and took the position in the 1:8 Classic.


C and B finals, both of 1:8 and 1:10 have been battled until the last lap.

In the A finals results have been not totally clear and sure until the last second of the race. At the end Guerra took the first step on the podium for the 1:8 Classic category; De Simone overcame the other drivers in the 1:10 class; Gruber battled and won, amazing since it was the first time for the driver racing on this track.

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