WRC Contest Segrate – Mikimodel

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WRC Contest Segrate – Mikimodel

Here we are!mikimodel-games-segrate-2

The G.A.M.E.S. Segrate track is hosting the Mikimodel Contest this weekend. Around 25 drivers came in Nord Italy to enjoy a race and have fun together.



“I would like to thank the group of the track, they are doing an amazing job to let everything be possible. I hope that this will
be the beginning of a series of events together. In the next future I would love to organize a race in this track, just with the new LM16 body shell, that is packed in a conversion kit for all F1 cars.”  – Mikimodel



“We want to see this event as the beginning of something great for the track, since the group worked really hard in the past years and it is still doing it. We hope he drivers will enjoy the atmosphere and will have fun in the practices and during the race.”  – Segrate Staff


Two categories: F1 and 13.5 no timing.

Qualifying 1

The Q1 of the Formula class saw Bryan Ferrara on top with the best lap of 25,57.

In the first group of the 13.5 class Roberto Arienti did his best with a 22,53 best lap, followed by Biscotti; while the second group was led by Gianluca Beggio, with a best lap of 22,210, chased by Lorenzo Bonomo.


Qualifying 2mikimodel-games-segrate-69

In the qualifying rd2 Ferrara managed to do 12 laps in 5,07, with a best lap of 25,208.

Arienti did again his best in the group 1 of the 13.5 category, reaching 13 laps in 5,04.

In the second group the historic go-kart champion Beggio improved the performance with a best lap of 22,18, doing 14 laps.


Qualifying 3


In the Q3 Bryan repeated 12 laps in 5,07, with a best lap this time of 25,041, getting a well-deserved TQ.

The group 1 of the 13.5 saw during this qualifying Vincenzo Basile taking the best timing, with Arienti extremely close.

Beggio did his third top time, winning the TQ in this class.

“Cristian Seturri was always so close. It will be hard during the finals having the stress given by him, but I am trustful and I will do my best” – Ferrara Bryan



Formula A-main Leg 1
1. Bryan Ferrara
2. Cristian Seturri
3. Daniele Contemikimodel-games-segrate-47

Formula A-main Leg 2
1. Bryan Ferrara
2. Luca Conte
3. Cristian Seturri

Formula A-main Leg 3
1. Bryan Ferrara
2. Daniele Conte
3. Cristian Seturri
4. Luca Contemikimodel-games-segrate-94

13.5 A-main Leg 1
1. Gianluca Beggio
2. Gabriele Calvino
3. Roberto De luise
4. Lorenzo Bonomomikimodel-games-segrate-64

13.5 A-main Leg 2
1. Gianluca Beggio
2. Gabriele Calvino
3. Lorenzo Bonomo

13.5 A-main Leg 3
1. Lorenzo Bonomo
2. Michele Cancemi
3. Carlo Biscotti


Ferrara Bryan
motor: LRP
battery: ORION


Beggio Gianluca
motor: TESLA
battery: MUCHMORE

mikimodel-games-segrate-151 mikimodel-games-segrate-150 mikimodel-games-segrate-149 mikimodel-games-segrate-148 mikimodel-games-segrate-147



1. Bryan Ferrara
2. Cristian Seturri
3. Daniele Conte
4. Luca Conte
5. Luciano Bordin
6. Andrea Petrillo
7. Mirco Bordin
8. Giampaolo Rubagotti
9. Gabriele Maffeis


1. Gianluca Beggio
2. Lorenzo Bonomo
3. Gabriele Calvino
4. Michele Cancemi
5. Roberto De luise
6. Roberto Arienti
7. Sandro Antognetti
8. Carlo Biscotti
9. Vincenzo Basile
10. Davide Colombo
11. Luigi Gatto
12. Leonardo Ciceri
13. Diego Beretta
14. Gianni Camanzo


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