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Today the first International “ToniSport” race started! It is taking place in Austria and we are happy to see that about 100 drivers are taking part to this event. Also a lot of Top drivers are here, like Bruno Coelho and Jan Ratheisky from Xray, Ronald Voelker, Loic Jasmin and Yannic Pruemper from Yokomo, Marc Rheinard and Christopher Krapp from Tamiya, Lucas Urbain from VBC Racing, and we are enjoying seeing them racing and give suggestions about setup changes to all drivers in such a friendly and family atmosphere.

The main focus of this event is to have great time together and make new friends on the track. 


The first two qualifies are over, and after that we can see Ronald Völker at the top in modified class, followed by Yannic Prümper and Bruno Coelho.                 About Stock class in the first three positions we find Jürgen Horn, Martin Hofer and Tony Streit; while in Formel class Alexander Stocker, Martin Hofer and Herbert Weber are at the top.

The TQs after three rounds of qualification are Ronald Völker for the Modified class, Jürgen Horn for the Stock class and Alexander Stocker for the Formel class.


After qualifying was over the hosting club, 1. MRC Wiener Neustadt, and ToniSport invited all drivers, their families and friends with them to a nice an well prepared BBQ. Tables had been placed near the track where they had the chance to enjoy the meal watching the Dash for Cash.


The formular of “Dash for Cash” was quite different to the well known versions.             Ten Top drivers were chosen by the organization and additional 30 drivers, 10 for each category, by a lucky draw and they had the chance to win 300€. There were 3 rounds of 10 couples of drivers, one for each class, made by one Top driver and one lucky chosen driver.                                                                                                                               Each team had to do 2 laps on the track, changing the radio between the two drivers without stopping the car at the end of the first lap. The fastest total time of these 2 laps decided the 3 winners who had to battle out again for the overall champion. In this way fun watching the radio changes and the crashes was certain.                                               The 10 top drivers, Marc Rheinard, Ronald Voelker, Bruno Coelho, Yannic Pruemper, Dominic Vogl, Thomas Pumpler, Christopher Krapp, Lucas Urbain, Loic Jasmin and Martin Hofer enjoyed a lot even if they did sometimes more mistakes than the others.


Everyone had a great time that evening with a delicious BBQ and spending time on the track also after the race day one and DfC was over.


On Sunday we did the two last rounds of qualifying and due to rain it was not possible to race the finals. The qualifying results had been the final results for this race.                 Before the trophy ceremony we did a Tombola sponsored by ToniSport, VBC Racing, Muchmore, Arrowmax and Yokomo.The rain did not influence the good atmosphere and people are leaving Wiener Neustadt with a pleasant feeling and nice memory in the bag.

We would like to thank especially the Club members who made this event happen and hope to get the chance to come back next year again.


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