Euro Touring Series rd.2 Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany

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Euro Touring Series rd.2 Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany

The second round of the Euro Touring Series is taking place this weekend on the indoor track of Mülheim-Kärlich in Germany.

The Philipp-Heift-Halle in Mülheim-Kärlich is a regular hosting temporary indoor track of the Euro Touring Series from the season 2011/2012.

For this event the schedule settings have been changed. The classes won’t drive at the same time as always, but on Friday for the entire morning the Stock drivers will race, followed by Formel and then Modified class in the late afternoon and evening. This will permit the drivers to race “all at once” and have free time to spend with friend or visit the just inaugurated Arena 33, just a few kilometers away from to where the ETS is taking place.


Pro Stock: Markus Kreder leads the Q1Markus Kreder, driving with Awesomatix, wins the first Qualifying in 5:12:013 minutes with 24 laps. Second Patrick Gassauer (Team Magic) and third Noah Asendorf (Xray).

David Ehrbar (Serpent) is the fastest In the Formel Class after the practices, being able to race the three best laps in a row in 42,872 seconds. Second-fastest Andreas Stiebler (Xray) and third Tim Benson, driving with Serpent, followed by Jan Ratheisky und Alexander Stocker.

David Ehrbar (Serpent) has the best timing in the Q1 of the Formel category, racing 21 laps in 5:03,232. Second Matej Dobnikar and third Jan Ratheisky.

ETS_sun97_ronFastest driver at the ends of the practices for the Modified is the World-Champion Ronald Völker. The Yokomo driver manages to do the best three consecutive laps in 35,187 seconds. Second is Bruno Coelho with 35,419 seconds and third Marc Rheinard with 35,751 seconds.

The Qualifying 1 of the Modified Class goes to Ronald Völker, who puts himself in front of the other drivers. The race with Bruno Coelho and Marc Rheinard for the “pole” goes on until the end. Bruno Coelho takes position 2 and Marc Rheinard third.



The multiple times World Champion Marc Rheinard is taking part to his first ETS with the Infinity Team after the debut in Thailand at the TITC of the past week. He is racing with the Infinity SMJ Prototype


Markus Kreder wins also the Qualifying 2 the the Pro Stock class, improving of 2,2 seconds from the day before in the Q1. Markus Kreder is for this event racing as “private driver” with Awesomatix.

Alexander Stieber leads the Qualifying 2 of the Formel category, 1,4 seconds faster than David Ehrbar. Oliver Bultynck, new Shepherd driver, is now third.ETS_sun28_david

Ronald Völker lines up the Q2! Modified driver Ronald Völker takes the lead of the second Qualifying, followed by Marc Rheinard, both with 26 laps. Third is Olly Jeffries.

Alexandre Duchet takes Q3 Pro Stock followed by Olivier Bultynck and Helge Johannessen.

Formel: Andreas Stiebler is in pink! Andreas Stiebler (Xray) takes the lead winning second and third Qualifying, racing in the Q3 22 laps in 5:00,687. David Ehrbar goes from position one to six due to a mistake. Second place in the Q3 goes to Jan Ratheisky.

Ronald Völker is TQ! The Yokomo driver is the perfect top qualifier winning the Modified Q3, and tomorrow will start in position 1 the finals, followed by the Portuguese Bruno Coelho.ETS_sun6_martini2

Q4 for David Ehrbar in the Formel class, who now is top qualifier and will start in pole position tomorrow morning.

Olivier Bultynck is first in the Q4 of the Stock Pro class, with 24 laps in 5:12.712 and a best lap of 12.854.

Yokomo driver Ronald Völker leads again in the Q4 Modified with 25 laps in 5:00.215

Top 10 Formel
  1. David Ehrbar – Serpent
  2. Andreas Siebert – Xray
  3. Matej Dobnikar – Xray
  4. Jan Ratheisky – Xray
  5. Olivier Bultynck – Shepherd
  6. Mike Gosvig – Xray
  7. Noah Asendorf – Xray
  8. Nicolas Delisé – Serpent
  9. Martin Hofer – Yokomo
  10. Alexander Stocker – Roche

Top 10 Pro Stock
  1. Markus Kreder – Awesomatix
  2. Olivier Bultynck – Awesomatix
  3. Helge Johannessen – ARC
  4. Noah Asendorf – Xray
  5. Alexander Stocker – Awesomatix
  6. Jan Ratheisky – Xray
  7. Patrick Gassauer – Team Magic
  8. Julian Borowski – Serpent
  9. Alexandre Duchet – Xray
  10. Martin Hofer – Yokomo

Top 10 Modified
  1. Ronald Völker – Yokomo
  2. Bruno Coelho – Xray
  3. Marc Rheonard – Infinity
  4. Akio Sobue – Infinity
  5. Alexander Hagberg – Xray
  6. Olly Jeffries – Xray
  7. Yannic Prümper – VBC Racing
  8. Elliott Harper – Schumacher
  9. Viljami Kutvonen – Awesomatix
  10. Lucas Urbain – VBC Racing


In the Formel class David Ehrbar (Serpent) overtakes the other drivers the A1. Second position is for Andreas Stiebler (Xray), followed by Oliver Bultynck (Shepherd).

In the Pro Stock the TQ Markus Kreder ends at position 4. The win goes to Olivier Bultynck. Jan Ratheisky, starting from position 6 finishes second, followed by Helge Johannessen.

The Modified A1 does not see changes from the starting grid position from position 1 to 5. Win is for the World Champion Ronald Völker. Sixth is Lucas Urbain, who started in position number 10.

ETS_sun106_ronald_volker_win2After the Mains 2 the victories are already decided! In the Modified Ronald Völker does not give any chance to the other drivers, being the leading man in this ETS event.

ETS_sun86_oliver_win2In the Pro Stock Olivier Bultynck overcomes the other competitors, and the same is for David Ehrbar in the Formel class.ETS_sun88_oliver


A3 in the Formel class is held by Matej Dobnikar (Xray). Jan Ratheisky (Xray) takes anyway the second step on the podium, third Mike Gosvig (Xray).

In the Pro Stock Kreder is in good shape, winning the A3 and ending second in the overall results.

Portuguese Bruno Coelho leads the Modified Main 3, second is Marc Rheinard and Akio Sobue third.




  1. Ronald Völker – Yokomo
  2. Bruno Coelho – Xray
  3. Marc Rheinard – Infinity
  4. Akio Sobue – Infinity
  5. Alexander Hagberg – Xray
  6. Lucas Urbain – VBC Racing
  7. Yannic Prümper – VDC Racing
  8. Olly Jeffries – Xray
  9. Viljami Kutvonen – Awesomatix
  10. Elliott Harper – Schumacher


ETS_sun_t2_stock_3top ETS_sun_t2_stock_2top

  1. Olivier Bultynck – Awesomatix
  2. Markus Kreder – Awesomatix
  3. Jan Ratheisky – Xray
  4. Patrick Gassauer – Team Magic
  5. Noah Asendorf – Xray
  6. Helge Johannessen – ARC
  7. Alexander Stocker – Awesomatix
  8. Alexandre Duchet – Xray
  9. Martin Hofer – Yokomo
  10. Julian Borowski – Serpent

FORMELETS_sun_t_f1_3top ETS_sun_t_f1_2top
  1. David Ehrbar – Serpent
  2. Jan Ratheisky – Xray
  3. Mike Gosvig – Xray
  4. Matej Dobnikar – Xray
  5. Andreas Stiebler – Xray
  6. Olivier Bultynck – Shepherd
  7. Martin Hofer – Yokomo
  8. Noah Asendorf – Xray
  9. Alexander Stocker – Roche
  10. Nicolas Delisé

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